jeudi 23 avril 2015


Si on recyclais les déchets il y aurais moins restes dans le mer et les rivières
Si on ne utilisait pas les aérosols il n'y aurais pas réchauffement de la planète
Si nous conduisons des voitures électriques, il y aurais moins de mauvais gaz pour l'atmosphère
S'il y avait plus des forêts il y aurais plus d'O2  
(imparfait et conditionel)

lundi 13 avril 2015

The rescue

Lilo, was a 16 years old hawaiian girl. She liked taking dance lessons, she was very good at hula dance. One day of summer she was dancing with her friends at a beach party, they were very hot so they decided to go swim in the sea, suddenly all the people went out from the water, there was a shark. Lilo couldn't swim very fast, by chance, Jack, the lifeguard rescued her. When got to the shore, she couldn't walk very well, she had a wound on her knee, so Jack healed it. Lilo, as thanks, invited him for diner, they talked and danced all night long. they had such a great time, they fell in love and from that moment they stayed forever together.

photo by Megan Spelman

Semaine de pâques

Cette semaine de pâques je suis allée à mon village au Gredos, avec ma famille: ma soeur, Alicia mon frère, Joaquin et mes parents. Touts les matins on est allés faire du cheval et un jour on allés à la montagne sur cheval.

    Et tout les soirs je suis sortie avec mes amies.