mercredi 16 décembre 2015

Your body language shapes who you are

Amy Cuddy, social psychologist, tell us in 
a TED how body 
language can change our mind, how powerful 
people's postures are different from 
low powerful people ones and how the corporal communication 
can made other people judge you in 
different ways.

The 2015 in 10 facts

  1. I almost get to go to the swimming spanish championship
  2. Alicia went to the swimming spanish championship with her medley
  3. I have visited the Vogue exhibition in Thyssen museum 
  4. Reyes have been in London for three months
  5. This summer I have been in Galicia
  6. I met for the first time my friend Miranda
  7. Miguel went to live to Miami
  8. I met Fernando and Arturo again after long time not seeing them
  9. I started painting better
  10. I went to 5 SOS concert

lundi 14 décembre 2015


  1. Learn how to cook pasta bolognesa
  2. To take pictures more often
  3. To do some DIY projects
  4. To decorate my new room
  5. To do a beautiful painting
  6. To watch many film of Amanda Seyfried
  7. To ride horses in the snow
  8. To finish reading "Palm trees in the snow"
  9. To make more things with my sister
  10. To run everyday

mercredi 9 décembre 2015

The Longest Ride

Resultado de imagen de the longest rideThis is the story about a girl, Sofia, and a bull rider from North Carolina, Luke Collins. They met after a bull riding competition and they exchange phone numbers. Few days later they went out on a date. When they were coming back home, they saw a crashed car by the side of the road, consequently they saved the man who was inside it and Sofia took from the car a box with a lot of letters. When the man, Ira, woke up in the Hospital, he asked Sofía if she could read the letters for him.

Through Ira's letters we go to the past (to the time of Ira's youth) when he met his wife, Ruth. This is the story that Sofia read every time she would visit Ira. From here continue the story of Sofía and Luke. In terms of being together, Sofia felt she had to refuse a job offer  in an art gallery in New York and Luke stopped riding bulls after getting over an important challenge.
Resultado de imagen de the longest ride
The story of Ira and Ruth was so beautiful, they overpassed two problems but they were finally happy. Ruth loved art as much as Sofía and she had plenty of paintings in her house, that's why Ira asked his lawyer to do an auction of the paintings of his late wife once he had died. In this auction, Luke bought a work of art for Sofía and by chance for them, Ira had said that the person who would buy that specific portrait would get the full collection.

Finally Sofía opened her own art gallery with those paintings and Luke continued working in his range.

mercredi 25 novembre 2015

Sef Portrait IV: Eateable

-Strawberry   -Melted chocolate
-Kiwi             -Dulce de Leche
-Pineapple     -Sugar

1. Cut the fruit in small pieces and put them all         in a bowl
2. Mix it with chocolate, sugar and Dulce de             leche
3. Put it in cups and then you can eat it!

Self Portrait III: Animal

I am a colourmix,  obviously you don't know what is it, ok, I will explain it: I am an animal with the character of a cat, very independent; the size of a tiger and I can change my color fur if i want like a chameleon. I have big eyes and I live in the beach. I can swim. 
My diet is just pineapple and kiwi but if i have the opportunity I also eat chocolate and cereals. 

I am friendly but if you make me angry i can attack you,  I if I were you i wouldn't do it. 

Self Portrait II: Objectual

-Diamond           -Comb
-Water                -Pencil
-Sugar                -Sun
-Ink Color          -Moon
-Headphones      -Alarm clock

lundi 23 novembre 2015

Self Portrait I: Citius, Altius, Fortius

Maturity is the ability to relate to others' realities,and not only to once's own. -J. Donald Walters-

  A teacher in the southwest once asked the children in his class to draw pictures of themselves he recalled, "The American children completely cover the paper with drawings of their bodies, but my Navajo students drew themselves differently. They made their bodies much smaller and included in the picture the nearby mountains, canyon walls, and dry desert washes. To the Navajo, the environment is as much a part of who they are as their own arms or legs".
  The understanding that we are a part of something larger than ourselves is Nature's greatest gift. With this understanding, our sense of identity expands and, by extension, so does our compassion for all living things.

mercredi 14 octobre 2015



Sebastiao Salgado describes photography as a lifestyle. His purpose by taking pictures is to show us different cultures around the world, how tribes live in the Amazone's jungle, in Africa or in the north pole, how people and pollution are destroying nature, how we are ignoring poverty in the world and how children die of hunger and dehydration.

The fact that impressed me the most is when Salgado explains with pictures the Amazon's tribe and their life.
I think The Salt of the Earth is a documentary that made me wake up and show me the reality and the risk of living in an other part of the world where there's nothing to survive.

mercredi 30 septembre 2015

VOGUE like a painting

This summer l visited an exhibition of 
the french magazine Vogue in the Thyssen museum.There were a lot of beautiful photographies and two amazing dresses.
The art work were very colourful and also some in black and white.We could find characters from the old history or fashionable models with make up of different colours.
I love this type of art and this 
exhibition made me feel alive and happy.

lundi 21 septembre 2015

La Rentrée Scolaire

Bonjour encore une fois, cette semaine j'ai commencé l'école, alors je vais écrire sur le blog comme je faisait avant l'été.
Ces vacances je suis allée à Pontevedra, Galicia; à Mojacar et à Jaén.
La chose que J'ai aimé le plus c'est avoir visité l'exposition de Vogue.
Je suis sorti avec mes amis presque touts les jours. Aussi je suis allée à mon village où j'ai fait du cheval pendant deux semaines.
J'aimerais être en Juin encore une fois.

mercredi 16 septembre 2015


Hello again!

This week I started back school, so I will be writing in the blog like I was doing before summer.
This summer i went to Pontevedra, in Galicia, to Mojacar and I visited Jaén as well.
My favorite experience this vacations was to have gone to Vogue exhibition in the museum Thyssen in Madrid. 
I went out with my friends almost everyday.
On August I went to my village, Navarredonda where i went riding horses every morning for two weeks.
I want to be in June again.

lundi 18 mai 2015

ZAZ Je veux

Le dimanche j'ai écouté une chanson, 
le titre de la chanson est je veux de Zaz, elle est une chanteuse française, 
c'est une chanson gaie et très agréable. 
Elle parle de l'amour, le joie et de la manque 
d'importance de l'argent, 
le parole est originale et facile

mercredi 13 mai 2015


Hello, I am Blanca and this summer i would like to visit Ko Pha Ngan, in Thailand, but the hotels are very expensive so i thought making a house changing would be a cheaper option.
I am looking for a house with two bedrooms, a big kitchen  near the beach because we don't have a car.
There has to be two bedrooms (i would like to go with my friend Claudia), a big kitchen and a living room with a TV and wi-fi.
I would like to make snorkel and yoga. We like the peace and the beautiful landscapes.
We need to have a supermarket with occidental food close to the house, otherwise Claudia would't eat, there is a big probability she won't like Thai food.
If you are interested in the house changing, I would like to go from the 15th of July to the 1st of August, please leave a comment hear

jeudi 23 avril 2015


Si on recyclais les déchets il y aurais moins restes dans le mer et les rivières
Si on ne utilisait pas les aérosols il n'y aurais pas réchauffement de la planète
Si nous conduisons des voitures électriques, il y aurais moins de mauvais gaz pour l'atmosphère
S'il y avait plus des forêts il y aurais plus d'O2  
(imparfait et conditionel)

lundi 13 avril 2015

The rescue

Lilo, was a 16 years old hawaiian girl. She liked taking dance lessons, she was very good at hula dance. One day of summer she was dancing with her friends at a beach party, they were very hot so they decided to go swim in the sea, suddenly all the people went out from the water, there was a shark. Lilo couldn't swim very fast, by chance, Jack, the lifeguard rescued her. When got to the shore, she couldn't walk very well, she had a wound on her knee, so Jack healed it. Lilo, as thanks, invited him for diner, they talked and danced all night long. they had such a great time, they fell in love and from that moment they stayed forever together.

photo by Megan Spelman

Semaine de pâques

Cette semaine de pâques je suis allée à mon village au Gredos, avec ma famille: ma soeur, Alicia mon frère, Joaquin et mes parents. Touts les matins on est allés faire du cheval et un jour on allés à la montagne sur cheval.

    Et tout les soirs je suis sortie avec mes amies.

lundi 16 mars 2015

Across the Universe

Across the universe is a musical, romantic and dramatic movie. 

It happens in the time of the war of Vietnam, the Beatles, the 60's
The main characters are a group of young people that live in an apartment in New York: Lucy is a girl who had lost her boyfriend in the war, she is in love with Jude , a boy that leaves Liverpool to find his father, Max is Lucy's brother and he has to go to the war.
I like very much this film because they mis the reality with fantastic things and it shows me how people live in the 60's and i learnt some history. The soundtrack of the movie is made with Beatle's songs and i live it very much 

jeudi 19 février 2015

Women are giving up tampons for good

Today I read an article about tampons, it says that tampons are bad for health and there is a new invention, the menstrual cup, it is like a little container that the
 women can put in to her vagina and it recollects the blood, 
after 12 hours, she has to take it off, wash it with water or toilet paper and 
put it again.It is non-toxic, 
flexible and it doesn't smell, i love it, it is a good invention.

lundi 16 février 2015


This little elixir of goodness to thi thay:
We can take a bottle of this liquid and be more beautifull and healthy

               FOR HAIR:

          Bye, bye Danddruff!

          Add apple cider vinegar to water in iqual parts, bathe your scalp in the solution for up to two               hours (apply via spray bottle)

          Shine bright like a diamond
          Wash your hair with normal shampoo, and then rinse with apple cider vinegar before            
          conditioning. Cue a shiny mane!

                PERSONAL CARE:
          No chees odor 
          Spray your feet with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. It will fight off bacterian that     
          causes the smell

          It can be applied to your armpit to neutralize le odors.
         Fresh breath
         A gargle of apple cider vinegar dilued in water for ten minutes
         Insect bites
         A dab of apple cider vinegar and water can be applied directly to the bite to alleviate pain and              promote healing 
         Like baby skin 
         For a natural astringent, apply  a washcloth soaked in diluted apple cider vinegar to your face

         Summer Sun
         Mix up a solution of 25% apple cider vinegar and 75% water and apply directly sun burn with a          washcloth

        For a singer's throat
        If you add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to half a cup of water, you have a very  effective throat gargle.

        Hiccups hipo
        A spoonful of pure apple cider vinegar triggers nerves in the throat stopping hiccups dead!


jeudi 5 février 2015

Cameron Russell

Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

She is Cmaeron Russell, i love her talk, it is about the black models, there is a very low 
porcentage of black models and the most of the black 13-years-old girls are unhappy 
whith their look because the beauty canon is a white, tall and blond woman, it is only marketing.
She said that the models are the most insecure people, and they sometimes are sad or 
depressed, most of the fotos are edited and she said that she doesn't like it

I like it very much because i always think about why
 the canon beauty is a white girl and not a black ,
 they are pretty too and they have beutyfull bodies.
The marketing hurts in teenagers a lot
 it has to be stoped

lundi 2 février 2015


1.Alicia est passé à sixièmme année
2.Le dent à Joaquin est tombé
3.J'ai plongé à Mojacar
4.Ma mère a cuisiné une quiche
5.Mon père est monté a le Almanzor
6.Sofía a gagné un match du Volley-ball
7.María a apris à patiner
8.Claudia a voyagé à Punta Cana
9.Sonia a apris à faire du ski
10.Estefania est allé à un concert de Miley Cyrus