lundi 29 février 2016


Ken Rovinson works in education sector and 
he believes education is wrong,
 he thinks that teachers don't let 
children develop the way they are, they are creative 
since the moment of their 
birth and most teachers 
always stop the artistic side in the childhood. So 
education have to change for a better 
evolution in the society.

lundi 22 février 2016

Life after people

What would happen to the world if people got extinct? There is a documentary called Life after people that explains what could happen to the monuments, buildings and all the constructions that we would leave on the Earth.

10 Firsts days 
- Everything that produces energy would be deactivated automatically after two days
- Family dogs would scape from houses
- Rats and house mice would get in to the houses

1 year
- All the areas would return to the wild
- The climate would change, it would be like before the global warming.
- There will be fires and earthquakes and some cities would be destroy

5 years
- The streets would be under plants
- Zoo animals will scape

25 years
- The worst things would fall down
- There will be cities under water
- The dams will flood

150 years
- Underground constructions would be full of water and the streets and roads would fall down
- Small animals would be all around

200 years 
- Iron structures would start to fall down because they would get rusted

1,000 years
- The cities would be irreconocibles

10,000 years
- Structures in desserts would be cover by sand
- Scientifics think some species could be clever animal

mercredi 10 février 2016

My life by 2028

When I grow up, I will have travelled to India because i love to travel far away and I will be working in a gym or training a swimming team in Majadahonda. As soon as I start to make a salary I will rent an apartment with a garden near Monte del Pilar because I hope i will have a dog.

I will make sport at night or in the morning because i like it and i hope it will always make me feel well and happy.
In 2028 i guess I will be spending christmas time and two weeks of summer with my family.
Anyways, I don't want to grow up fast because I like my age now.