mercredi 16 décembre 2015

Your body language shapes who you are

Amy Cuddy, social psychologist, tell us in 
a TED how body 
language can change our mind, how powerful 
people's postures are different from 
low powerful people ones and how the corporal communication 
can made other people judge you in 
different ways.

The 2015 in 10 facts

  1. I almost get to go to the swimming spanish championship
  2. Alicia went to the swimming spanish championship with her medley
  3. I have visited the Vogue exhibition in Thyssen museum 
  4. Reyes have been in London for three months
  5. This summer I have been in Galicia
  6. I met for the first time my friend Miranda
  7. Miguel went to live to Miami
  8. I met Fernando and Arturo again after long time not seeing them
  9. I started painting better
  10. I went to 5 SOS concert

lundi 14 décembre 2015


  1. Learn how to cook pasta bolognesa
  2. To take pictures more often
  3. To do some DIY projects
  4. To decorate my new room
  5. To do a beautiful painting
  6. To watch many film of Amanda Seyfried
  7. To ride horses in the snow
  8. To finish reading "Palm trees in the snow"
  9. To make more things with my sister
  10. To run everyday

mercredi 9 décembre 2015

The Longest Ride

Resultado de imagen de the longest rideThis is the story about a girl, Sofia, and a bull rider from North Carolina, Luke Collins. They met after a bull riding competition and they exchange phone numbers. Few days later they went out on a date. When they were coming back home, they saw a crashed car by the side of the road, consequently they saved the man who was inside it and Sofia took from the car a box with a lot of letters. When the man, Ira, woke up in the Hospital, he asked Sofía if she could read the letters for him.

Through Ira's letters we go to the past (to the time of Ira's youth) when he met his wife, Ruth. This is the story that Sofia read every time she would visit Ira. From here continue the story of Sofía and Luke. In terms of being together, Sofia felt she had to refuse a job offer  in an art gallery in New York and Luke stopped riding bulls after getting over an important challenge.
Resultado de imagen de the longest ride
The story of Ira and Ruth was so beautiful, they overpassed two problems but they were finally happy. Ruth loved art as much as Sofía and she had plenty of paintings in her house, that's why Ira asked his lawyer to do an auction of the paintings of his late wife once he had died. In this auction, Luke bought a work of art for Sofía and by chance for them, Ira had said that the person who would buy that specific portrait would get the full collection.

Finally Sofía opened her own art gallery with those paintings and Luke continued working in his range.