mercredi 13 mai 2015


Hello, I am Blanca and this summer i would like to visit Ko Pha Ngan, in Thailand, but the hotels are very expensive so i thought making a house changing would be a cheaper option.
I am looking for a house with two bedrooms, a big kitchen  near the beach because we don't have a car.
There has to be two bedrooms (i would like to go with my friend Claudia), a big kitchen and a living room with a TV and wi-fi.
I would like to make snorkel and yoga. We like the peace and the beautiful landscapes.
We need to have a supermarket with occidental food close to the house, otherwise Claudia would't eat, there is a big probability she won't like Thai food.
If you are interested in the house changing, I would like to go from the 15th of July to the 1st of August, please leave a comment hear

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