lundi 22 février 2016

Life after people

What would happen to the world if people got extinct? There is a documentary called Life after people that explains what could happen to the monuments, buildings and all the constructions that we would leave on the Earth.

10 Firsts days 
- Everything that produces energy would be deactivated automatically after two days
- Family dogs would scape from houses
- Rats and house mice would get in to the houses

1 year
- All the areas would return to the wild
- The climate would change, it would be like before the global warming.
- There will be fires and earthquakes and some cities would be destroy

5 years
- The streets would be under plants
- Zoo animals will scape

25 years
- The worst things would fall down
- There will be cities under water
- The dams will flood

150 years
- Underground constructions would be full of water and the streets and roads would fall down
- Small animals would be all around

200 years 
- Iron structures would start to fall down because they would get rusted

1,000 years
- The cities would be irreconocibles

10,000 years
- Structures in desserts would be cover by sand
- Scientifics think some species could be clever animal

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