mercredi 6 avril 2016

The Papalagi

A german anthropologist, called Erich Scheurmann, went to study a tribe in Tiavea, Upolu (one of the Samoan islands), and met Tuiavii, the village's chief. They started to get close to each other so Tuiavii told Erich his story.
The tiavean chief had been in Europe time ago but he came back impressed and disappointed about our culture. Tuiavii wrote about it, however never intended to show it to Erich until they finally had total trust.
In his texts he calls us Papalagi (white men) and he describes our culture as "a one way road to nowhere".
One of the best quotes of Tuiavii that the anthropologist could remember was "you fellow think that you can show us the light, but what you really do is try to drag us down into your pool of darkness.
Erich translated the book to german and published it.

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