vendredi 21 novembre 2014


A problematic boy, Landon, is caught by the police doing something wrong and is punished by his teacher: he has to participate in a play in the school and other things, in the play he falls in love with Jamie, a conservative, religious girl. In spite of being shy, at the beginning, to show his love in front of everybody because she isn't popular like him, finally he doesn't mind, he defends her from the other mean people. Further on, Landon finds out that Jamie has Leukemia and she doesn't respond to the treatments anymore. Therefor he decides to stay with her until she dies and they get married.

A walk to remember is a realistic film, i like it very much because is about day to day facts and everybody can learn from Landon. First he is a popular boy who disobeys her parents and teachers but he can changes his character for making Jamie falls in love with him. He loves her even knowing the people's opinion and until the end.

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