lundi 3 novembre 2014


Sally and Gilliam Owens were sisters and witches. They had a horrible curse: all men they love would die.
When the dad of the two little witches died, their mum died as well of broken heart. Therefor, when they were very young they went to live with their two aunts who were also witches.
The younger sister, Sally, made a spell to never fall in love and never die of broken heart.
When they grew up, Sally got married and she had two girls but her husband died because of the curse. on the other hand her sister had a problem with her boyfriend and they killed him by accident, Gilliam wanted to bring him back to life, but the spell made him an unnatural criature. The witches asked the women in the village for help and they finally killed him for ever.
Later Sally got merried with the inspector who investigated Gill's boyfriend's disapperance.

Practical Magic is a passioned, lovely and brave movie.

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